Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Sabancı Climate Technologies, we are deeply committed to sustainability and addressing climate change. We recognize our role in driving positive environmental and social change and embrace sustainability as a core value in our operations.


Our Approach to Sustainability

  • Renewable Energy Transition: We invest in wind, solar, and storage projects to expedite the transition to a low-carbon future and support global climate mitigation efforts.
  • Technology and Innovation: We invest in energy and climate tech startups, fostering innovation and accelerating clean technology adoption to create a new sustainable energy value chain by combining our energy expertise with entrepreneurial collaboration.
  • Environmental Stewardship: We minimize impact in our operations through efficient energy management, waste reduction, and optimized resource consumption. Our sustainable practices protect ecosystems, preserve biodiversity, and create a healthier planet for future generations.
  • Social Responsibility and Community Impact: Through engagement with local stakeholders, support for social initiatives, and investment in community development, we aim to create shared value. Our focus is on fostering economic growth, empowering communities, and improving social well-being.
  • Transparent Governance: Our operations adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance, emphasizing accountability, integrity, and responsible decision-making. We promote transparency by regularly communicating our sustainability efforts and progress to stakeholders, fostering trust and openness.

Our Sustainability Goals

  • Carbon Neutrality: Through renewable energy projects, energy efficiency improvements, and offsetting initiatives, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain: We aim to develop a sustainable supply chain by collaborating with suppliers that adhere to responsible environmental practices, social standards, and ethical business conduct.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We value stakeholder engagement to understand expectations, concerns, and perspectives. Through feedback, dialogue, and collaboration with customers, employees, communities, investors, and regulators, we create shared value and align sustainability initiatives with their needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: We embrace continuous improvement, setting ambitious targets, monitoring progress, and driving innovation. Our ongoing evaluation and improvement strengthen sustainability practices for the well-being of the planet and society.