Sabancı CT

Sabancı Climate Technologies

Sabancı Climate Technologies is fully owned by Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. (“Sabancı Holding”), a Turkish conglomerate with a global presence across four continents, capturing ~7% of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) market capitalization as of 2022. Sabancı Holding is a leading player in the Turkish energy industry covering generation, trading, distribution, and retail of energy, with over 23 power plants across Türkiye and an installed generation capacity of over 3.7 GW, with a goal of reaching 5.0 GW by 2027.

Sabancı Climate Technologies, the international arm of Sabancı Energy Group, will bridge the gap between emerging and developed markets in energy and climate transition. It will address the challenges of the next two decades by developing a sizable renewable portfolio under Sabancı Renewables and future energy challenges via investing in disruptive technologies under Climate Ventures. For Sabancı Holding, it was time to leverage core capabilities in energy and expand the business to create higher value for all stakeholders.

Sabancı Renewables is involved in the U.S. renewables market by leveraging the execution and operational capabilities of its existing energy companies to establish a sizable renewables portfolio that includes onshore wind, utility-scale solar, and battery storage. Sabancı Renewables Inc. positioned itself as a power power plant owner and operator in the short term and a service provider to other energy investors in the medium term. Thanks to power plant investments, Sabancı Renewables Inc. aims to reduce carbon emissions, create employment, and contribute to the regional economy.

Sabancı Climate Ventures is interested in investing in energy & climate technologies-focused disruptive startups that will create a new energy value chain and support entrepreneurs in building successful business models by leveraging the know-how of an established utility player and bridging the gap between emerging and developed markets.