Climate Ventures

Partner with Sabancı Climate Ventures

Sabancı Climate Ventures welcomes partnerships with disruptive startups, entrepreneurs, and organizations that are driving innovation in the energy and climate technology space. By partnering with us, you can accelerate the growth of your organization and make a significant impact on the energy transition.


  • Market Access  and Growth Opportunities : You can access funding, guidance, experts, investors, and customers to help your business grow.
  • Access to Market Knowledge and Expertise : You benefit from relationship-building and expertise-gaining opportunities with Türkiye's largest utility player with multiple generation technologies, and a +10M user base. Leverage effect can be achieved through MENA and Eastern Europe geography network.
  • Access to Pilots and Deployment: You collaborate with us for acceleration, piloting, and commercialization in an emerging market to create a pathway for future growth. 
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