Sabancı CT

Sabancı Renewables Inc.

We provide complete end-to-end services from development to financing, construction, procurement, and operations.

Project Acquisition

We target late-stage utility-scale renewable power plant project acquisitions ranging from 100 to 300 MW. With our extensive technical expertise, we conduct detailed and accurate due diligence (DD) assessments before finalizing the Memorandum of Intent to Purchase Agreement (MIPA).

Project Management

Our team efficiently manages construction and procurement while ensuring high-quality execution. We establish long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) with reliable counterparts for a stable revenue stream. We offer sustainability-oriented products like Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) to maximize environmental benefits. Our comprehensive approach includes managing operations, maintenance (O&M), and Quality, Safety, and Environment (QSE) agreements. We excel in project financing, including securing tax equity, for a smooth and successful execution.

Execution and Commercial-Operational Management

We base our commercial decisions on in-depth market analysis to create optimization models, production forecasts, and maintenance schedules.

Sabancı Climate Ventures

Sabancı Climate Ventures enables the Sabancı portfolio to embrace future disruptions in energy and climate technologies. We foster engagement with the external innovation ecosystem and explore new business-model concepts. As a partner, we collaborate with start-ups for commercialization, piloting, and acceleration in an emerging market.

Our investments primarily focus on Series A and B-stage start-ups, maximizing their value potential. Selective Seed investments may also be considered for promising opportunities. We occasionally make Series C investments when there is a strategic fit. Together, we drive sustainable growth and positive impact in the energy and climate sectors.